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Power Partners℠ Resource Guide

The Power PartnersResource Guide (PPRG) is a Web-based resource developed to help electric power companies and their customers identify and undertake actions to reduce, avoid, or sequester greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and/or reduce GHG emissions intensity. 

This guide is designed to help power companies and electricity consumers identify GHG emission or emission intensity reduction opportunities and find the latest, "state-of-the-art" information on a variety of topic areas through the use of links to credible Websites.  The PPRG also makes possible a dialogue between people implementing projects and people wanting to implement projects through its listings of dozens of projects undertaken by Power Partners members.

 PPRG Table of Contents
Section Topic

Reducing GHG
Intensity at
Fossil-Fueled Plants

Advanced Coal-Fueled Technologies

Turbine Efficiency


Cogeneration and Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Natural Gas

Upgrading Plant Instrumentation and Controls

Upgrading Plant Equipment

Improving Coal Preparation and Handling

Power Generation from
Non-Fossil Sources

Nuclear Energy

Wind Energy

Solar Thermal Electric Generation




Hydro Power  

Pumped Storage

Residual Waste-to-Energy (MSW) Fuels

Green Pricing Programs

Green Tag Programs

End-Use Energy

Energy Conservation and DSM

Solar Water Heating

Geothermal Heat Pump


Electricity Transmission
and Distribution (T&D)

Improving Electricity Transmission Efficiency

Improving Electricity Distribution Efficiency

Smart Grid Technology

Carbon Sequestration

Terrestrial Carbon Management

Carbon Capture & Storage

Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum

Reducing non-CO2

 GHG Emissions

Landfill Methane Energy Recovery

Reducing Emissions of Natural Gas

Coal Mine Methane Recovery

Animal Waste Methane Energy Recovery

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Best Practices

Other Activities
to Reduce
GHG Emissions

Coal Combustion Products (CCPs)

Materials Recycling

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Utility Fleet Vehicles

Conversion of Materials Handling Vehicles

Mass Transportation Electrification

Other Transportation Actions

Other In-House Actions

Education & Information Programs

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The PPRG is intended as a “living document,” growing and adapting over time to accommodate changing circumstances, new information, and user-provided examples. Users and other readers are encouraged to use the feedback options to submit and share information and ideas to the PPRG. Click on  Add PPRG Content on the navigation bars to add your organization's projects, or to offer comments and/or references for the PPRG.

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