US Power Partners Tech Spray Foam Insulation Is a Good Choice For New Construction and Retrofits

Spray Foam Insulation Is a Good Choice For New Construction and Retrofits

One problem with athens ga foam is that if it is not properly installed, it can cause water damage and mold. It’s important to hire a contractor with experience and a track record of success. The best contractor will have a rig that can mix and spray the insulation evenly, without leaving sagging spots. This is a complicated process that requires training.

Another concern with spray foam is the environmental toxicity of the material. Polyurethane, the main ingredient in spray foam, has a very high Global Warming Potential (GWP) score, which measures how much energy a ton of the gas will absorb over 100 years. Some newer spray foams now use blowing agents that have a lower GWP, but it is important to understand what the GWP score means before hiring a company to install spray insulation.

Behind the Foam: Understanding the Installation Process of Spray Foam Insulation

The air-sealing properties of spray foam make it possible to cut your energy bills significantly by reducing the work your furnace and AC have to do to keep your home comfortable in North Carolina’s summer heat or winter cold. You’ll also use less electricity with light bulbs, ceiling fans, and box fans because you won’t need to turn them on as often.

Spray foam insulation is a good choice for new construction and retrofits of existing homes. It can be sprayed on wood-framed walls, attics, and rim joists in older houses and pole barns. It can also be sprayed on the underside of roof overhangs to prevent moisture from damaging the structure.

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