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Energy Power Partners is a private market fund manager that focuses on decentralized, carbon neutral, and renewable energy solutions. Their products include solar, microgrid, and biogas, with a focus on asset optimization. They provide customized wholesale power supply plans to help customers meet their power requirements, while balancing price and risk.

The company is active in several major energy markets in the United States. It is a member of the Fortune 500 Investor list, and its analysts curate Expert Collections to highlight companies in important technology spaces.

EPP’s team combines an experienced investment team with a highly skilled operations team to deliver leading solutions in the energy market. These services are designed to give customers the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact, while delivering a compelling return on investment.

As a provider of low-cost, sustainable energy, Energy Power Partners targets proven technologies and assets. In addition to its portfolio of clean and renewable energy, the company offers a variety of other energy solutions. This includes a competitive wholesale marketing business, as well as a full suite of wholesale supply products. Whether the customer is looking for a new electricity supplier, expanding an existing infrastructure, or creating a customized power supply plan, EPP is the perfect partner.

To date, the company has completed more than a dozen projects in the United States, including renewable and sustainable electricity and cogeneration facilities. Additionally, the firm has proven success in international energy markets such as Thailand and Malaysia. By combining innovative technology with proven business strategies, the company’s products and services offer the perfect balance of efficiency and value.

One of the ways that Power Partners promotes energy conservation is during peak demand times. During these times, the company agrees to shed a specific amount of energy, which helps stabilize the local power grid. Through the program, the company sends text messages to members in order to alert them of upcoming peak events.

One of the programs that the company is actively involved in is the Neighbor To Neighbor Program. Through this program, it helps income-qualified families in Arkansas and Texas, as well as local businesses. Throughout the program, residents share tips and resources with one another. Private donations from residents and businesses are also used to fund the program.

Another innovative program offered by the company is its Neighborhood Power Partners pilot program. The program, which is modeled after a similar program in Oak Park, Illinois, is currently available in the Curtis Park neighborhood. With the program, homeowners and other residents can install gas-to-electric conversion kits and share the benefits with their neighbors. Eventually, the program will expand to other neighborhoods.

While the company’s business model has changed, it remains committed to helping customers meet their energy needs. AEP also continues to expand its operations and build infrastructure projects. For example, in 2013, the company invested $3,632 million in capital expenditure.

American Electric Power is a top provider of low-cost electricity, and it has a history of providing excellent customer service to its clients. Moreover, it has a strong credit rating through its parent company, American Electric Power Co.