Day: November 3, 2023

Wet Pour Playground SurfaceWet Pour Playground Surface

wet pour playground surface

wet pour playground surface also known as soft surfacing or rubber crumb surfacing, is popular for children’s play areas and can be found in school playgrounds, daycare centers, and other recreational facilities. It is designed to absorb impact, making it more child-friendly than traditional hard surfaces like asphalt or wood chips, which can splinter and get into kids’ eyes and skin. Wet pour is durable, long-lasting, comfortable to walk on (it feels a bit like walking on a spongy mattress), and can be customized with patterns or bright colors.

The wet pour system consists of two layers: a base shock pad made from coarse black EPDM granules recycled from old tyres and a top layer of much finer coloured EPDM rubber granules, which is available in a range of bright, permanent colours. It can be laid over existing hard surfaces or on a purpose-built base. Wet pour can be installed in shapes to accommodate equipment, including swing sets.

Wet Pour Playground Surfacing: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options

It is easy to install, requires minimal ground preparation before the installation, and can often be walked on the following day. It’s a flexible and safe surfacing solution that is ideal for children, with the base layer interlocking with the top layer to create a seamless and resilient surface that can be modified with bespoke designs and features.

Wet pour is a great option for parks and public spaces, but can also be used in home gardens and yards as a softer alternative to hard tarmac or concrete pathways. Just be sure to use a good quality product that can be trusted to perform and last, and is backed up by references.