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What is a Spam Trap?

spam trap

A spam trap is an email address that looks real but doesn’t belong to a real person. These addresses are used by ISPs, blocklist providers, and anti-spam organizations to identify senders that don’t follow best email acquisition and list hygiene practices. Messages sent to these addresses will likely be marked as spam by the recipient and may end up in the junk folder or blacklisted by all mailbox providers.

Pristine spam traps are email addresses that have never been used for an opt-in or subscription. These are usually created by scraping web pages or bought lists. These can be a huge problem for email marketers as they can lead to your entire subscriber list being labeled as spam and not reaching the inbox.

Understanding and Avoiding Spam Traps in Email Marketing

Recycled spam traps are old, inactive email addresses that haven’t been used for a while. Emails sent to these addresses can be marked as spam and will cause hard bounces for all mailbox providers. This can damage the reputation of the email sender and lead to being placed on several blacklists.

Avoid purchasing lists that include recycled or typo spam traps. It’s better to get direct consent from your subscribers and use a double opt-in process for new contacts. In addition, it’s a good idea to clean your list regularly by removing anyone who has not opened or clicked on an email from you in the past 12 months. Having a clean list will help keep your deliverability high and ensure your messages reach your audience.

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