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Best Height Adjustable Desks

Having the option to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day improves posture and increases productivity. It can also help reduce the risks of a variety of medical conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. But to get the most benefit out of a sit-to-stand desk, you need one that’s stable enough to use while in either position.

What shape of desk is best for gaming?

Most of the best height adjustable desks feature motors to raise and lower the migliori scrivanie regolabili in altezza, although some offer manual options with a hand crank. This is important, because it allows you to quickly change your working position to avoid strain. Electric systems are also more reliable than manual models and typically come with a longer warranty.

I consulted with a number of ergonomists to understand the best ways to set up a desk to minimize discomfort and maximize benefits. Most agreed that a wide range of possible positions is critical, so that users can find the right fit for their height and body type. Most importantly, they recommended using a keyboard tray that’s high enough to support your wrists in the neutral position of typing while also allowing you to comfortably reach your mouse keys and trackpad.

Our favorite ergonomic desks meet these criteria, but there are a few notable differences between them. For starters, the cheapest ones have less stability than others. This is especially true of the three entry level frames I tested, which all use a two-piece surface design to keep costs down and to make shipping easier. Those surfaces also tend to have shorter warranties and slower adjustment speeds than their premium counterparts.

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